Monday, December 29, 2008

My 2009 Resolutions

Goal #1 Get Fit
I have found that I really enjoy going to the gym. I will be adding more fitness time to my week. My goal is to get 30 - 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week, and to add 45 minutes of strength training at least 3 times a week. I have some equipment here at home as well as the gym that is close by, so that is a very attainable goal.

Goal #2 to lose 10% of my current weight.
I will be challenging my TOPS group to join me in this challenge. 10% will be something different to each person depending on where they start. I think it is a good starting point for the beginning of the year. Maybe we will all get a shirt that says we have joined an exclusive club of Loser. I will have to be thinking about that. I love visual rewards for hard work. I will be talking to my TOPS group about that.

Goal #3 Completing the Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook
I will be journaling about that journey on this blogsite in January. If you have not read the book, by Judith Beck I highly recommend it. It is about training your brain to think like a thin person. I hope that some of you will join me on that journey.

I will be leaving for Florida next week. I hope that will be the last trip for awhile. It seems like we have been living out of a suitcase for three months now. I am looking forward to spending some time at home.

Please let me know if you find the information here helpful.

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Tami said...

How are your goals going?

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