Friday, July 25, 2008

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Plateau Problems?
While it may be frustrating, it is not uncommon to reach a plateau in Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet, especially as you get closer to your target weight. Weight loss in this Phase of the South Beach Diet is much slower than in Phase 1, but that's fine in the long run since slow and steady weight loss is best for long-term success. That said, if you'd like to jump-start your weight loss, here are some strategies to try:

Try eating different foods. Sometimes people get into a food rut, eating the same things day in and day out, which may lead to overeating as a result of feeling unsatisfied with your routine. Add more variety and different veggies to your meal plan to combat boredom. This may be just what you need to get over a weight-loss stall.

Get adequate exercise. Enjoy a fitness program based on interval training, where you alternate between short bursts of intensive effort and easier recovery periods. When you work at a higher intensity for part of the time, you end up burning far more calories and fat in less time than you would if you were working out at a steady pace. This type of exercise will help you develop more lean muscle mass, which helps boost metabolism, in turn allowing you to shed unwanted pounds.

Keep track of what you eat. In general, the South Beach Diet does not require you to count calories or portion sizes. But you may be eating too much of certain foods to keep losing weight at the same pace.'s registered dietitians recommend taking a close look at the amount of nuts and low-fat cheese you're consuming and cutting back on these items if you're eating too much.
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Return to Phase 1. If you have plateaued for several weeks and still have a fair amount of weight to lose, it's fine to return to Phase 1 for a kick-start.
Finally, it's possible that your weight loss has stalled because you've already reached your healthiest weight — even if it's not your desired weight. If your cholesterol and blood-sugar levels have normalized, your desire to lose weight may be a matter of cosmetics. In this case, rather than focusing on the number on your scale, focus on how much better you feel and how much healthier you are.

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