Friday, September 26, 2008

From my spark blog this morning

First of all we found gas yesterday. DH was calling gas station before 8 AM and found a station near by that had gas. We are both retired so we don't have to be any where at a particular time. However, DH does some handy man things around town and needed gas to get to the house he was working on. He used up the the majority of the gas left in our cars on Wed. So he was planning on staying home on Thursday.

I had to cancel my day at the Hospice Office for my volunteer work on Wed, I had to also cancel at TOPS meeting and my hair cut. I was completely frustrated. I live in a pretty hilly neighborhood. It is hard for me to walk up the hills. anywhere I walk will require me to return up a pretty steep hill, but I was determined to take a walk at least for my daily cardio workout.

I started down the hill and walked to the first stop sign, about 1 mile. I was feeling pretty good and so decided I would turn right and head up another hill. The next road had a little more hill to it, but I knew it was down hill pretty much the rest of the way home (Except for the killer hill back to my road) So off I went determined I would walk around this block. It was sunny, not too warm and a gentle breeze was blowing. I was feeling pretty good; proud of myself for continuing my walk.

I thought the road had a couple of curves to it, but It has a lot of curves to it. I kept walking, talking myself into putting one foot in front of the other. It was getting harder each step I took. I continued on. I was enjoying myself in spite of the nagging ache in my feet and ankles.

I had on my pedometer but didn't want to know how far I had come until I was nearer home. I knew I had been gone awhile, why didn't I take my cell phone with me. I was beginning to notice there weren't many cars passing on this road, in fact there weren't many houses. Just countryside scenery. I was enjoying the view, when I came upon a large field where they were picking up hay bales that had been cut. Now I wish I had my dog with me. I was beginning to feel un easy walking on such a deserted road. And now I was getting thirsty. I forgot to bring any water to drink. Still I continued on.

I got to the end of that road and turn left again. I was getting closer to the next road that would take me back to the road I started on. With new determination I continued on. Despite the thirst , despite the ache in my hip, despite the growing weariness and the much slower pace, I kept walking.
I was getting closer to home with each step.

I made another left turn and looked at the road ahead of me... hey I don't remember that hill. Keep walking I tell myself. as I got to the top of this hill I could see my road. Ok I will make it. It is only a little way more. Sure would like to find a bench to sit on for a little while. But if I stop will I be able to get up and keep going? Better just keep moving so I did. Finally the next stop sign is just ahead. I increase my pace, stand a little taller and keep on moving. I make the stop sign and it is then I remember that once I make the turn here the KILLER HILL is ahead of me. Do I have the strength to make it up that hill?

I find a tree and take a couple of minutes to rest in the shade. I remember the HILL it is always hard for me, how will I ever manage it when I am tired and sore for this much longer walk than I had intended to take. I plan my strategy. I will walk to the next mailbox, then the next, then the next until I make it to the top.

I pull myself up. I look at the HILL and I say I will conquer you today! First one mailbox, I stop to rest. Then the next, and the next , stopping until I can gather my strength and then on to the last one. The top of the HILL is just ahead. Once I get there I turn to my road, just a couple hundred feet to my driveway. Normally the hill in my driveway doesn't bother me, but today.. it looks pretty high, but relief, water, and rest is on the other end and I continue.

I did I looked at my pedometer and it was 6 miles. It took me one hour and 40 minutes, but I did it! I was so proud of myself. I can tackle anything as long as I take it a little at a time. So maybe not having any gas was a good thing.

What do you do to challenge yourself?

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