Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday AM

Here is my report for Monday:
I went to Curves and mowed grass:
6648 steps and recalibrate miles 1.8
Breakfast 7:15 AM 2 toast with PB, Coffee and banana
snack 9:45 cereal, skim milk blueberries
lunch 12:15 BLT wrap made with light mayo and ice tea
snack 1:30 PB & J sandwich, ice cream
dinner 6:00 grilled chicken, Potatoes, baked beans and Salad
snack 9:00 ice cream

I knew when I bought that Tub of ice cream that my DH likes, that I would have a hard time with it. I hate that I have no will power over some foods. That is why I don't usually have snack foods in the house. I try to keep only sensible snack items available to myself.

I am going to give a talk at my TOPS Meeting this week about keeping a Food and/or exercise Journal. It is the single most important tool for me. I have found that reporting here is also been helping me. Knowing that I have to report for all to read, has made me be accountable in ways I haven't been in the past. Tomorrow is my weigh in day so we will see how I have done.
Have you gotten your exercise in today?

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I have a weekness for chocolate and it always seems to find it's way into my house. Argggg! But I'm trying to be able to just have a bite or two. We'll see.

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