Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weigh In Results

Weighed in last night = lost 1 pound.
I was happy with that as I didn't feel I worked very hard. I missed two of my days at Curves. I had a really busy day yesterday with meetings and my Volunteer work @ the library, Hospice and TOPS. I went to Curves after my TOPS meeting. I wasn't going to miss another day. I have been trying to figure out how to use this blog to help me on this weight loss journey. I know I need to journal what I eat and how much I exercise. I have always done better when I do keep a food chart. I think what I will do is write everything down throughout the day on the food chart I get at TOPS and then report it on here at night an long with the number of miles I walk on my pedometer. I wear my pedometer on my shoe. It is a constant reminder to me to keep moving throughout the day. I get some strange looks and questions when people see it, but that's OK.
My goals for today are:
Keep a food chart
Take a walk
Not to eat after 8PM (Bob Green suggests this in all his diet books)


Maria said...

I never thought it important or beneficial, but having a food REALLY has helped me regulate the amount and the type of food I eat, the amount of exercise I do, and help me get into the habit of reading labels.

When I first started on this weight loss journey, I did not want to count calories but within 5 days of doing it, I've already gotten into the habit of counting calories all the time. It's now become essential to me.

When I know I've eaten too much during the day, the journal lets me know how many more calories I can eat for dinner. I usually "save" the calories so I can eat a yummy dinner.

Try it out. . .it'll get easier with time.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my weightloss blog. I will definitely link to your blog. We could all use as much support as possible.

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