Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Monday!!!

It is 10:25 AM here. I just finished mowing the lawn. I use a push mower that is self propelled. I only do part of the yard as so much of it is up hill and down. Even with a self propelled mower it is too difficult for me. I measured the distance with all the back and forth and it is 1.5 miles. A pretty good work out if I get it done before it is too hot. I've come close to heat stroke a couple of times trying to do it in the afternoon. I actually like to mow the grass so imagine my surprise when my DH came home and told me he had bought me an exercise machine at Lowes. I looked at him like he was crazy, and said, " I didn't know Lowes sold exercise machines!" I went to the garage looking for my new exercise machine. I found a brand new self propelled mower with an electric start. Now how is that for supporting my weight loss effort? LOL!
It was not what I expected, but I am using it and a 1.5 miles isn't a bad thing either. :) More later.....

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Maria said...

Your DH is too funny! I had to laugh about it! It would have been nice if it was a real exercise machine but I guess a new lawn mower is good too.

I did the lawn this week too. Fortunately our yard is flat but it was still a good work out. Mowing the lawn, I must say, is as good as an exercise machine.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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