Sunday, August 5, 2007

Kimberly and I are ready

Tomorrow, Kimberly and I start our 638 mile "walk". We both have our pedometers and are set to go. I wear my pedometer on my shoe, so I am able to record all steps and miles throughout the day. As I have said before, having my pedometer on my shoe is a visual reminder to me to keep moving throughout the day. Check out the side bar on this blog to see my progress starting tomorrow. I will also update my weight loss on the tracking bar at the top of this blog. I found these trackers at . I thought it would make a fun visual for myself and others to see.
I had a busy day yesterday I really dropped the ball on recording my food, but I did record my steps:
Friday 3644 steps = 1.2 miles on my pedometer,
Saturday 6600 steps = 2.1 miles for me


NormaJ said...

What a neat idea with the weight counter. A perfect visual for you and an inspiration to others when they see your losses. Sounds like you are out there with gusto. Keep on trudging.

Anonymous said...

Tracking all the steps is fine with me. I will do my Walks in the evening I think. except on days that my husband works nights, then I will walk in the morning.
Thanks for the challenge and it looks like Tracy may be joining us next week. :o)

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